Installing Wrench

If you prefer a less technical step-by-step installation guide rather then reading technical documentation, please visit this blog post

To install Wrench module into your Wowza Streaming Engine server, you need to copy the downloaded single file into the lib directory of your Wowza installation.

On Linux this is typically /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/lib and on Windows this can be C:\Program Files\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Streaming Engine\lib

When using Wrench together with a configuration that requires database connection, you also need to copy your database’s JDBC driver jar fileto the same lib directory, so that Wowza Streaming Engine can load it. For a brief summary of the most popular JDBC drivers, please take a look at the FAQ section

After copying the files, you need to restart Wowza Streaming Engine.

Once the jar files have been copied, Wrench is ready to be configured in any of your Wowza applications.

If you want to enable Wrench for a particular application on your server, put the below configuration under that application’s conf/myapplication/Application.xml file or alternatively use the Engine Manager interface to edit the same set of configuration options via a more user friendly interface:

<!-- Make sure Wrench is the last configured module -->
<Name>Wrench module</Name>
<Description>A module for user authentication and much more</Description>

Check Installation

Restart Wowza Streaming Engine after copying the files and start streaming activity in the application where you have configured Wrench. The module only gets loaded and started up when the surrounding application is started. You can publish a live stream or connect with a player to make sure that the application is started up. The application stops after a certain amount of idle time and Wrench stops too in this case.

Check that the below lines are printed in your wowzastreamingengine_access.log file:

Starting Wrench, licensed to ...
Using database url ..., user ....
Started Wrench UI on http://localhost:4567/wrench/login

If you see this error message:

Module class not found or could not be loaded. Check [install-dir]/conf/live/Application.xml to
be sure all Modules/Module/Class paths are correct: name:Wrench class:com.streamtoolbox.Wrench

That means that you did not copy the jar files to the right place under lib, or Wowza has no read permission on that file or you haven’t restarted the server.


Wrench is not compatible with ModuleCoreSecurity’s securityPublishRequirePassword feature. If used together, you might experience that publishers can’t publish to your application. Please make sure that this is disabled in your configuration.