User Authentication for Wowza Streaming Engine®

This article shows a simple way to authenticate the players of your Wowza Streaming Engine streams using Wrench module. Authentication means here to associate an identity with the clients, most typically a user name or login name. Knowing the identity of your player allows you to do further authorization checks (has the user the role / permisssion to watch my stream? has the user payed for the service? etc).

Step-by-Step Wrench Setup Guide

This article covers the steps you need to make in order to install Wrench on your Wowza Streaming Engine®. Although this is not as simple as running an installer and pressing Next, Next, Finish on a wizard screen, it is not rocket science. By using Wrench module in your streaming system you are able to add authentication (which is sometimes vaguely referred to as password protection) to your live or on-demand (VOD) streams, regardless the actual streaming technology you are using. RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH are all supported.

Webservice Authentication / Authorization

This article shows how to set up Wrench to perform authorization on your stream players with an external arbitrary webservice. If you are interested in all the possible checks that you can apply to your streams with this product, check out the How does Wrench work? page and the complete reference manual.

In this tutorial we assume that you are familiar with the basics of installing Wrench. If not, then it's worth reading the user authentication article, which guides you through the basic setup.

Dynamic Video Overlays

This article shows you how to do dynamic logo insertion, captioning, video overlay mixing with Clamp. In many cases you want to display information or even advertisements on your live streams.

Update: Starting from 2016.11.01 Clamp has a fully functional REST API and UI that allows much easier integration then the file based approach described below. Please check out the reference guide for more technical details.

Security Overview of Wowza Streaming Engine®

In this article I am going to give you a brief overview of the various stream protection / stream security tools and technologies that I know about. When I was first trying to add protection to my first online video streams, I was a bit confused of the various levels and approaches offered by the different streaming protocols, Wowza addons (like DRM) and Wowza modules (like ModuleRefererValidate) and other authentication mechanisms (like SecureToken).