Download Wowza Modules offers a collection of modules that can be plugged into Wowza Streaming Engine® or Ant Media Server® to implement user authentication, pay-per-minute and pay-per-view solutions, video overlays, news tickers, etc. Here are the modules that we offer at the moment. Feel free to contact us if you have special needs that we don’t cover yet.


Wrench module offers flexible ways to integrate Wowza Streaming Engine® with your existing website’s user authenticaton mechanism, protect and monetize your content.

wrench-2.1.0.jar - Release Notes

Wrench is free up to 25 players per Wowza application. If you have more than 25 clients, you need to purchase a license which will be sent to you within 24 hours after your purchase.


Scissor can switch between different live and VOD sources in your stream, which allows you to do programmed or ad-hoc ad insertion, as well as multiplexing live video sources into one or multiple outgoing live streams. You can build and edit playlists live without handcrafting static SMIL files.

scissor-2019.02.08.jar - Release Notes

The free version comes with a 15 minute time limit. If you want more time, you need to purchase a license.

Stamp for Ant Media Server

Stamp allows you to put dynamic image and text overlays on top of your live stream using intuitive REST API calls.

ams-stamp-2.3.0.jar - Release Notes


Measure allows you to simply log your stream’s player counts directly into your database periodically or POST to your custom webservice. You can log connection counts per application and per stream and also per streaming technology.

measure-2016.10.20.jar - Release Notes

If you have more than 25 clients, you need to buy a license.