Control Access to Video Content


Wrench provides flexible authentication and authorization for Wowza Streaming Engine®. It enables you to integrate video streaming in your existing system, let it be a PHP website, Android application, you name it.

Wrench exposes Wowza application events such as a new client connecting, a new stream being published, client disconnects and more as custom SQL queries executed against your database or external REST API calls that allow your system to get notified of these events and react accordingly.

When used carefully together with secured network transport it allows you to secure and monetize your streaming content.


How does authentication work with Wrench?

Click here if you are interested in a 2 minute walkthrough of the technical details of the security mechanism offered by Wrench. If you’d better see this all in action, watch the below YouTube video.

Do you have questions?

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Comprehensive stream protection

Wrench gives you a complete protection against attack and leech mechanisms that otherwise needs to be addressed by a bunch of tools and techniques.


An overview of the Wrench authentication mechanism can be found here.