User Interface for Wrench

The reason for not doing any public Wrench releases in 2015Q4 was not the lack of development. Behind the scenes a brand new user interface was being shaped which can dramatically simplify Wrench configuration. Previously people had to browse the reference guide, do inconventient edits in the Application.xml, then restart Wowza (or just the application being tweaked). This was a slow and error prone process.

Now that Wrench has its own configuration screens you can see all the options and the related documentation side by side and you can change any value and apply the changes to the running Wowza application immediately. You can completely reconfigure Wrench without time consuming restart cycles. The plan is to make the UI more and more intuitive with various validations and checks.

Here are some teaser screenshots of the new user interface:

wrench user interface 2

The management tab of the UI currently (as of 2016.01.01) provides you with two features. One is immediately kicking off any user by username. The other is an overview table of all currently connected sessions with username, IP address, stream name and connection/elapsed time.

wrench user interface 3