Wrench for Wowza Streaming Engine®

wowza-wrench Wrench provides flexible authentication and authorization for Wowza Streaming Engine®. It provides creative ways to integrate video streams with your existing system, let it be a Drupal website, and Android application, or anything, using a techie bring-your-own-SQL approach.

Together with secured network transport, it gives you secure solution against unauthorized people accessing your streams.


wrench user interface 1

wrench user interface 2

wrench user interface 3

  • User authentication and stream protection via securely generated tokens. How does it work?
  • Allows hooking up existing external webservice for authorization
  • IP checking to prevent users from exchanging your links
  • Token expiration check allows you to prevent users from reusing tokens later
  • User-Agent black/whitelisting gives you control over the programs you allow to connect to your server
  • Client lifecycle SQL hooks allow you to perform on-connect authorization checks, log total play time
  • Pay-per-minute and pay-per-view SQL hooks allow you to precisely book and bill stream consumption per stream, per Wowza application and per user
  • Concurrent play checking can prevent users from watching your stream concurrently from different devices and locations
  • Dynamically switch between public and secured streaming mode, drop your unverified clients when you go back to secured mode
  • Bring-your-own-SQL approach for smooth integration
  • Wordpress and Drupal integration
  • Publish stream and pay-per-minute events by POSTing to arbitrary HTTP endpoint with JSON messages
  • Protect your IP webcamera stream
  • Convenient web user interface for on-the-fly configuration
  • Insight into ongoing streaming sessions with disconnect user by name functionality
  • WebRTC protocol support

Quick links

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us at help@streamtoolbox.com

How does it work?

Click here if you are interested in a 2 minute walkthrough of the technical details of the security mechanism offered by Wrench. If you'd better see this all in action, watch the below YouTube video.

Supported streams

  • Flash/RTMP clients, such as JW Player
  • HTTP based streaming technologies (Cupertino, San Jose and Smooth streaming)
  • MPEG DASH streaming
  • RTP streaming (e.g. IP webcamera)
  • Tested with Android and iOS devices
  • Works with Wowza GoCoder®

Comprehensive stream protection

Wrench gives you a complete protection against attack and leech mechanisms that otherwise needs to be addressed by a bunch of tools and techniques. Read more about the comparison of Wrench with other security mechanisms.

No third party exposure

  • Wrench is not relying on external services, (not even for its own licence checking), so all your data is kept in the house
  • No monthly fees, very simple connection number based licence plans offered


An overview of the Wrench authentication mechanism can be found here.