wowza-scissor Scissor allows you to cut your live stream based on a predefined or ad-hoc programme, mixed from live stream inputs and VOD content for ad-insertion. It can be used as a dynamic alternative to Wowza's built in smil file based playlists, because it allows you to dynamically define and start new playlists and make modifications to it while on air.


  • Create and mange Wowza playlists on the fly via REST API. Add-remove items, skip to next items while the playlist is on air
  • REST API for integration with arbitrary external systems
  • Simple web UI preview version available on demand (not included in the released version)
  • Dynamically switch between live sources and VOD content
  • Schedule advertisements in a live stream
  • Supports composing multiple output streams, even creating new output streams on demand
  • Robust stream reconnection mechanism

Explore the REST API

Scissor comes with an OpenAPI specification for it's REST API that you can discover and try out live against your own installation using Swagger. Click here to see the REST API of Scissor

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