Licencing and Upgrade Information

By purchasing one of the offered plans, you are allowed to use the the bought module on a single Wowza server instance. If you want to use them in a load-balancing cluster on n servers, you must buy n number of licences. If your project involves many servers, please contact us via e-mail at help@streamtoolbox.com for tailored offers.

What if I underplanned?

In your project turns out to have more players than your purchased plan, you can always upgrade your licence. All you have to do is pay the difference between the plans. To do this, you need to contact us via e-mail at help@streamtoolbox.com.

Upgrade Policy

Streamtoolbox.com regularly comes out with new releases of the tools we offer. The new versions might contain either bugfixes or new features. If you happen to be hit by any of the bugs in the release that you previously purchased, the upgrade to the latest version is free. In this case please e-mail us the details of your problem and the name of the tool you want to upgrade and we will provide you the latest version. If you need a newer version of the module because of its new features, you have to buy the licence again at a 50% discount price.