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Additional text effects have been implemented in Clamp due to customer requests. I hope the new scrolling ticker text will be useful for many people, as well as the convenience settings that allow positioning captions by percentage, as well as specifying the corner of the text (or it's center) that is being positioned. You can achieve accurately positioned texts very simply now, no need to calculate anything. The now+10 is also a new convenience setting, you can use this to set start time to 10 seconds after saving the caption file. This is especially useful for testing or demonstrating the product.

Some insider information from behind the scenes: this summer significant development efforts have been invested into a brand new web interface for Wrench. This will significantly simplify all the configuration that is currently going on in the Application.xml files, and will add validation to the parameters, as well as direct connection to the documentation for each parameter. The estimated release of the first version is end of September.

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A new version of Wrench has been released, that comes with the new major feature of detaching and clearing configuration from the application instance. This addresses a possible security issue, that has been analyzed and discussed here..

Wrench was particularly sensitive to this, due to the JDBC details and other key details stored in the Application.xml. Now this is gone, the configuration is read once upon startup, and all properties are cleared off and detached immediately. This also aligns strategically with the on-the-fly (re-)configuration and web UI that is being worked on behind the scenes.