Shadow and image download features in Clamp

Shadow support on Clamp UI Clamp image URL feature

The latest stable cut of Clamp now supports a drop shadow effect that was asked for by several clients. Shadows can be added to both text and image overlays to increase contrast and make the captions on the stream easier to read.

An other convenient feature is referencing overlay images with HTTP URLs, which comes handy especially for when Wowza Streaming Engine is running on an Amazon EC2 instance and Clamp has to show logos that are hosted externally, usually on an an S3 storage. The ability to send in the image with HTTP post is supported by using Base64 encoded images, similarly to how resources can be inlined into HTML or CSS. Both of the above features received support on the Clamp UI as well.

{start: "now", duration: 15, image: "", position: {x: 0.5, y: 0.5}, style: { font:"Verdana", size:50, style:"bold", color: "yellow"}, shadow: { offsetX: 10, offsetY: 5, opacity: 0.4, radius: 9}}

# Or alternatively image: "...."