Wowza Module Development Tutorials

Here you can find some Wowza module development tutorials. These are just short articles about various topics that we found interesting or worth writing about while the modules of Wowzatoolbox were developed.

Comments on the Wowza Streaming Engine® Server Side API

When I was looking for information on particular classes, interfaces, methods, etc in the official Wowza Streaming Engine® API documentation, I usually felt some gaps. I think whoever works with that API on a daily basis, knows what I mean. So I decided to contribute the Wowza community with my own comments added to the official API. This documentation is not meant to replace the original one. This is just my own findings and comments on that.

Comments on the Wowza Server Side API

Debugging your Wowza Module from Eclipse

When you are developing a Wowza module, you might want to be able to debug your code using Eclipse's feature rich debugger features. This tutorial shows you how to modify the Wowza startup script to enable debugging in the JVM and how to attach the Eclipse's debugger to Wowza.

Hello Wowza - Module Dev Tutorial

One of the best features of Wowza Streaming Engine® is that it comes with a powerful server side API, that allows you to implement your custom modules and add any special feature or behaviour that you need. Wowza server side modules can be written in Java and it's not a big deal to learn it up to the level that you need to write your first Wowza module. In this tutorial I would like to help beginners setting up the environment for Wowza module development. (Check out this if you are interested in debugging)

Attaching extra information to your clients

Wowza API offers a very powerful way to store arbitrary extra information such as username on your connected players. In this short Wowza module tutorial article I want to share with you how do I achieve this in my Wowza modules.

Threading in your custom module

A very common problem that you as a Wowza module developer might face is performing some action periodically in your custom module. The IModuleBase class does not offer you a way to register any periodic callback in your VHost. In this article I would like to show a simple way to achieve this.