Dynamic Video Overlays

This article shows you how to do dynamic logo insertion, captioning, video overlay mixing with Clamp. In many cases you want to display information or even advertisements on your live streams.

Update: Starting from 2016.11.01 Clamp has a fully functional REST API and UI that allows much easier integration then the file based approach described below. Please check out the reference guide for more technical details.

To do this, you might need to use hardware studio equipment or software alternatives, such as Clamp.

This short video hightlights some of the key features of Clamp, such as text overlay with basic fade-in effect, a timed logo insertion and scrolling text aka. ticker text.

This short video demonstrates how to set up Clamp with a single file caption source for your live stream.


Hi Can we dynamically get the text from a DB and display as 'rolling ticker' Thanks!

Hi, that kind of transition is not supported yet. If you are interested in working with me on that new feature, please contact me via email at help@streamtoolbox.com

I need the rolling ticker feature to!

Hi Torsten, the latest version supports that, please check out the "transitionIn" documentation in the reference.

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